Spring 2023 Members Event

March 31st, 2023 FinnCham Guangdong organized a members’ event in Guangzhou, allowing member companies to showcase their companies, share recent news, and network with each other.

The following companies or organizations attended the event:

  • Business Finland
  • Eco Living
  • Expat Chinese
  • Orbis Systems
  • PRD Group

Chairman Lasse Liukkonen opened the meeting by sharing the most recent news from FinnCham Guangdong. Secretary Sara Jaaksola also spoke about the future events organized monthly, starting with company visits in April.

Mika Autio (Deputy Chairman) from joined the meeting remotely and shared the success story behind the company and future plans ahead.

Edward Wei from Eco Living was sharing their green solutions for indoor climate and the advantages they have in the marketplace.

Tuukka Tolonen from Orbis Systems introduced us the story behind the family company and how they always aim to be near their customers all over the world.

Lasse Liukkonen from PRD Group shared the company’s focus points for the year 2023 and the main services they provide.

Shirlie Li from Business Finland introduced us to the services they provide and a new project they have in Shenzhen, bringing together Finnish companies in design and food & beverage.

Sara Jaaksola from Expat Chinese explained the different services they have available for Finnish companies, consulates, or organizations in China.

Future events at FinnCham Guangdong will include company visits, casual meet-ups, and networking events. Organized monthly in Shenzhen or Guangzhou.