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The China IPR SME Helpdesk is an EU funded project whose mission is to provide practical, business-focused advice on China Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues to European SMEs. In support of our mission, the Helpdesk regularly organises training workshops in both Europe and Greater China; provides a series of IPR guides in six European languages; contributes tailored IPR related content to magazines, newsletters and online partners; and, offers expert commenting to publications and journalists writing on issues related to IPR in China. In addition, the Helpdesk’s enquiry service offers free, confidential advice to SMEs on the IPR issues that affect them.
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The Helpdesk – Practical IP Factsheets 

The Helpdesk has expanded its coverage to include the entire Great China area and we are therefore introducing a new type of IP publication: IP Factsheets. Whether an SME is already operating in Greater China or is exploring the potential offered by the region, the Helpdesk IP Factsheets provide an overview of key IP considerations for Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The Macao and Hong Kong issues are currently available to download from the Helpdesk website, the Mainland China and Taiwan issues will follow shortly. If you are interested in ordering printed factsheets, please contact us.