FinnCham Guangdong has the following corporate members (in alphabetical order):

  1. AiZhuChunDe Guangzhou Technology Limited
  2. Andritz Ltd
  3. Beijing Genelec Audio Co., Ltd
  4. Eco Living (Finland) Ltd
  5. Edunation
  6. Fibox Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.
  7. Genford Ltd.
  8. Great (HK) Investment Co., Ltd
  9. LEDiL
  10. OptoFidelity Ltd.
  11. Orbis Systems
  12. Peace of Mind – Threat Management Company Ltd.
  13. Polar
  14. PRD GROUP / China Operations Support
  15. Seismo Group
  16. Shoearmour
  17. Oyj
  18. 深圳市十方创意设计家具有限公司

Join as a corporate member

A corporate member has the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting and appoint a candidate to the board election. A corporate member will have a link to his company posted on the FinnCham Guangdong’s web page.

Membership fees are

Corporate member 1000 RMB
Individual member 250 RMB

Contact us and become a member!