Spring 2023 Members Event

March 31st, 2023 FinnCham Guangdong organized a members’ event in Guangzhou, allowing member companies to showcase their companies, share recent news, and network with each other.

The following companies or organizations attended the event:

  • Business Finland
  • Eco Living
  • Expat Chinese
  • Orbis Systems
  • PRD Group

Chairman Lasse Liukkonen opened the meeting by sharing the most recent news from FinnCham Guangdong. Secretary Sara Jaaksola also spoke about the future events organized monthly, starting with company visits in April.

Mika Autio (Deputy Chairman) from joined the meeting remotely and shared the success story behind the company and future plans ahead.

Edward Wei from Eco Living was sharing their green solutions for indoor climate and the advantages they have in the marketplace.

Tuukka Tolonen from Orbis Systems introduced us the story behind the family company and how they always aim to be near their customers all over the world.

Lasse Liukkonen from PRD Group shared the company’s focus points for the year 2023 and the main services they provide.

Shirlie Li from Business Finland introduced us to the services they provide and a new project they have in Shenzhen, bringing together Finnish companies in design and food & beverage.

Sara Jaaksola from Expat Chinese explained the different services they have available for Finnish companies, consulates, or organizations in China.

Future events at FinnCham Guangdong will include company visits, casual meet-ups, and networking events. Organized monthly in Shenzhen or Guangzhou.

English event

Summer Mixer in Guangzhou

Finnish Business Council Guangdong summer mixer 2020


Welcome to FBC Guangdong’s Summer Mixer on Friday 24 July 2020 in Guangzhou! A great chance to learn more about FBCGD, network, and have fun.

Tickets: CNY200/person (paid upon registration, no refunds)

Registration: Contact Sara on WeChat 15002016434 (Limited tickets, book yours early!)

Time: Friday 24 July 2020, 7pm

Place: Triple Rooster, Dongshankou, Yuexiu, Guangzhou


HS:n haltuun saamat Huolto­varmuus­keskuksen luvut paljastavat, miten vähän Suomen valtiolla oli kasvosuojaimia koronakriisin iskiessä päälle

Etelä-Kiinan suomalaisen kauppayhdistyksen puheenjohtaja Lasse Liukkonen kommentoi huoltovarmuuskeskuksen maskihankintoja Kiinasta:


KL: ”Tässä juuri järjestelen 500 000 hengityssuojaimen tilausta Suomeen” – Massaostoja Kiinasta vaikeuttaa saatavuus ja liikkeellä olevien huijareiden määrä

Etelä-Kiinan suomalaisen kauppayhdistyksen puheenjohtaja Lasse Liukkonen ja varapuheenjohtaja Ville Majanen kertovat kokemuksistaan maskikaupassa:


HS: Suomalainen selviää hevillä ja meditaatiolla

Etelä-Kiinan suomalaisen kauppayhdistyksen puheenjohtaja Lasse Liukkonen kertoo kokemuksistaan Guangzhoussa koronavirusepidemian aikana:

English event

South China Karting Championship 2018

South China Karting Championship 2018
May 18 @ 12:45 pm

No Chinese drivers license? Tired of eternal rush hours and chaotic traffic? Indescribable need to get behind the wheel yourself? Mei wenti! Finnish Business Council Guangdong proudly announced that long-awaited karting tradition has been finally revoked.

South China Karting Championship 2018 will be held in Shenzhen Baoan Xtreme Speedway racing track (极速赛车场) on Friday, May 18th, 2018 starting at 1:00 pm. Participants should arrive to the racing track latest at 12:15 PM.

Everyone is welcome to participate!

Registrations by email to mtavast(at)

Other info:

  • Fee per participant:  900RMB+10RMB (insurance)
  • Paying by cash at the event
  • Foreigners need to take passports, and Chinese drivers need to take their China ID
  • Address: 深圳市宝安区沙井街道黄埔上南东路
  • Participants should arrive to the event latest at 12:15 PM

The whole activity will last around 4hrs, including:

  1. Karting suit renting
  2. Rules and regulations training
  3. First round:  Trial                  10min
  4. Second round: Time Trial     10min
  5. Third round:  Qualify            10 circles
  6. Fourth round:                       12 circles.
  7. Results and award ceremony

Participants can refer to the attached map to find the venue:



Vuosikokous ja Suomi 100 vuotta juhlaillallinen

FBCGD järjesti perinteikkään vuosikokouksen ja Suomi 100 vuotta juhlaillallisen Shekoun Hiltonin tiloissa 6.12.2017. Ruoka maistui, osallistujamäärä ylitti odotukset ja vuosikokouksin pysyi aikataulussa!

FBCGD Annual General Meeting 2018 pöytäkirja

English event Finnish

Suomi 100 vuotta juhlaillallinen 6.12.2017 Shenzhenissä


FBCGD järjestää Suomi 100 vuotta juhlaillallisen keskiviikkona Shenzhenissä 6.12.2017 klo 18:00. Ilmoittautumiset ja paikka TBA.

FBCGD will host Finland 100 years gala dinner in Shenzhen 6.12.2017 at 18:00. Registrations and exact location TBA.

FBCGD hallitus vuosikokouksessa 6.12.2016

FBCGD itsenäisyyspäiväjuhlavieraat 6.12.2016




English event Finnish

Team Finland China meets in Shanghai

Team Finland China meets in Shanghai
10th and 11th October 2016

Meeting venues:

10.10. morning Finchi
10.10. afternoon Vπ
11.10. Peace Hotel

Monday 10th October

08:30 Registration and Finchi tour. Finchi office manager Joan Zhang introduces

09:00 Tour de table, especially for new comers during the summer
09:15 Welcoming words from the host, Consul General Jan Wahlberg
09:25 Opening words from the chairwoman, Ambassador Marja Rislakki
09:40 Team Finland in Finland. Greetings from Team Finland in Finland, Director Sami Leino Unit for Eastern Asia and Oceania, Desk Officer Riitta Gerlander East Asia team, EVP Jukka Salo Finpro

11:00 Coffee, tea and fresh air

11:15 Team Finland China strategy. Chairwoman Rislakki opens the discussion
-Progresses after Beijing meeting. Consul General Jan Wahlberg introduces, followed by discussion
-Team Finland China strategic dialogue, Team Finland coordinators introduce, followed by discussion
-Finland 100: leaving a mark by working together. Jyri Lintunen introduces, followed by discussion

12:45 Lunch at Vπ Cafeteria (at own expense, buffet lunch 138 RMB/ person). Restaurant located in 5 mins walk from Finchi



13:30 Vπ tour. Zhangjiang Group Weiwei, Zhangjiang Innopark Kong introduces

13:40 Team Finland China workshop. Participants divide into 4 groups and visit the 4 thematic stands with 25 mins rotation at Vπ
-Communications and visibility. Finland 100 and other public diplomacy projects. Jyri Lintunen and Ding Ma introduce
-Investment attraction. Best practices. Jaani Heinonen and Zhu Bin introduce
-Tourism promotion. Tourism boom to Finland. David Wu and Lisa Li introduce
-Finnish business community. Finnish business trends in China. Finnish business councils in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Finnish business chamber in Hongkong introduce 15:20 Wrap up. Introducers summarize the outcomes from each stands

15:50 Coffee, tea and fresh air 

16:05 Chinese outbound investment scene(tbc), Guest Speaker James Li, CEO of E.J. McKay
17:00 Closing words. Ambassador Rislakki and Consul General Jan Wahlberg
17:30 Joint transportation from the meeting venue to the residence for all meeting participants

18:30 Consul General’s buffet reception for meeting participants
-Slush China. Slush China CEO Wang Chen introduces

21:00 Ending of Monday programme


Tuesday 11th October

9:00 Future Watch China session. Sari Arho Havrén, Team Finland Future Watch,

China and South East Asia
– Introduction to Future Watch and Team Finland Oppspace – Information and Sharing tool – Introduction to day’s workshop
China Briefing by Guest Speaker Ms. Mary Boyd, The Economist Corporate Network

10:00 Coffee break  

10:30 Workshop of future drivers influences our China strategies  

12:00 End of the Team Finland China meeting in Shanghai


Fairmont Peace Hotel 
20 Nanjing Road East
南京东路 20 号, 近中山东一路
tel. +86 21 6321 6888

Transportation to the Hotel:

From Pudong International Airport
Distance 45 km
Taxi charge ~CNY 180
Time by taxi ~1 hour

From Hongqiao Airport or railway station
Distance 21 km
Taxi charge ~CNY 80
Time by taxi ~35 minutes

Line 2 Nanjing East Road (南京东路)

Event link:



Hallitus piti kesäkokouksen Fiboxin Guangzhoun tehtaalla, jossa oli mahdollisuus myös saunomiseen. Tilaisuudessa annettiin lahja Finpron Jari Seiloselle tunnustuksena useita vuosia jatkuneesta yhteistyöstä kanssamme. Jari siirtyi pian kokouksen jälkeen uusiin tehtäviin Taiwanille, edelleen Finpron organisaatioon. Ilman Jarin, hänen edeltäjiensä ja Finpron tukea emme olisi selviytyneet ja pystyneet jatkamaan toimintaamme keskeytyksettä vuodesta 2003 alkaen. Hallitus pohti kokouksessa mm loppuvuoden toimintasuunnitelmaa, jatkajaa Jarin työlle sekä budjettia.